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Where kids from the most dire circumstances are coached into Champions!

Soccer Game, footall, kids, school children, Port Au Prince, Haiti, 11-10-2012
Soccer Game match erases barrier between well to do kids and homeless kids Port Au Prince, Haiti, 11-10-2012
Our Athletic of Haiti Champions in Brazil









Hearts of Champions
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Welcome to Athletics of Haiti 

We are non profit foundation for disadvantaged youth in Haiti, founded in 1995 by human rights and social activist, Robert (Boby) Duval.

What We Do:

Athletic of Haiti, or FLADH is a  youth non profit program which uses sports training as a social tool to transform the lives of under privileged kids in Haiti.

Since 1995, Athletic of Haiti (FLADH) has provided underprivileged youth with a safe, clean,  and supportive environment where they can learn firsthand how the discipline of sports and the structure of teamwork can enhance skills, enrich lives and change futures.

Our Mission

  • Promote and develop the potential of all youth in Haiti through the continuing, disciplined and systematic practice of team and individual sports
  • Raise awareness of the positive benefits of physical education in order to reinforce the need for physical education training within the educational curriculum

Our Objectives

FLADH uses sports training as a tool to:

  •  raise the self-esteem of disadvantaged youth in Haiti giving them the opportunity to develop talents that might otherwise lay dormant
  •  teach participants how personal discipline, goal-setting and teamwork can transcend sports
  • improve the sports performance of youth
  •  provide disadvantaged youth with structure and support that can be missing in their lives
  • increase involvement of underprivileged youth in positive social activities
  •  increase involvement of girls in sports
  • ensure a larger number of underprivileged youth in Haiti go to school regularly
  •  ensure a larger number of underprivileged youth in Haiti eat daily
  •  ensure a larger number of underprivileged youth in Haiti receive basic medical care
  • use sport as development tool to teach youths lively hood skills